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not a Weeb, but I go UwU. Yeah bish, I'm a furry. Got extra flUwUf
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I killed a man, and you? in fun
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Either way, it was awesome. *Hands you an upvote*
You earned it, my friend
I killed a man, and you? in fun
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#Neigbour Salad! Yummy Yummy!#
(done in the tune of The Wiggles'™ "Fruit Salad" song)
So what? It's just a Hobby. No, we're not ALL Zoophiles, and those that ARE, get forgotten and/or hated by the rest in fun
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I hope you liked this meme as much as I liked making it! I ask nothing of you except to continue browsing memes! This isn't a cringey way of upvote begging, btw. I'm actually a Furry. Thank yooouu Lockdown! I'll still continue to make memes as if I weren't, but I might make furrified versions, too. If there are other Furries on here, too, then I'm not a COMPLETE idiot. Please don't hate on me, as I'm still the same person and have the same tastes as before (but also some new tastes, too). Thanks for reading so far! But in case you didn't:
TL;DR: I'm a Furry now, but I will continue making similar memes to this. Not an Upvote Beg.

No, this is not meant political in fun
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*notices the stonks tag* Hmmmmm… eh. *gives upvote anyways*