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Let me tell you in fun
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Nothing offensive on giving suggestions as long as the man doesn't shove his opinion down her throat.I hope many feminists use their rights wisely but there i'm not sure how many of them would ;-;
The things you see while you're fishing... in fun
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Well,I have no problem with feminists using that concept of telling men not to "mansplain" as long as they don't abuse that right.For example,when a woman speed drive a car and a male police officer gives her a warning not to drive fast again in order to remind her,not that because he knows and she doesn't.....
Untitled Image in fun
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Me too
An actual feminism meme. Most of you don't understand it in fun
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Haha,Spell OOF right the next time you tell someone to correct their grammers because OOF is spelled in capital letters,not simple letters,lol.