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And both made money!!! in politics
2 ups, 1w
I thought it was the big hair.
Untitled Image in fun
4 ups, 5m
like what ever
Nancy pelosi in politics
1 up, 5m
Yep. Both Democrats and Republicans talked about it equally. It's when Trump actually tries to do something about it that everyone goes nuts
The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead in politics
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The meme isn't even about Trump. The high standard of living in the US is precisely because of capitalism and freedom and it is the reason so many want to emigrate here legally or not. Now we have someone who says lets ditch all that and adopt a system that has failed and brought misery and oppression wherever it has been tried. If you like socialism so much go to Venezuela. Just sayin
"1984" is 35 Years late in politics
1 up, 6m
Absolutely true