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Hij4ck (147539)
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Hm....what should I put here...? EH, whatever, it's not like anyone's gonna read it and call me out on this lazy tagline
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Canada really built different in SCP
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oh lol I made it AGES ago
don't come back here often
thanks for the callout lmao
They will pay in Anime
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meanwhile more than half of his friends have tried to hurt his friends at some point in their lives
leave no heresy in crusader_stream
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Well, I'm not sure, but I did give up around 11 months ago so 💀💀
Untitled Image in LGBTQ
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Oh dang lol I got you within 1 hour
Untitled Image in LGBTQ
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Oh heyy. Saw your message in the other post which I can't reply to 💀
I'm fine, doing well. I hope you're alright too. I'm in college now so yeah...not properly roleplaying on this site anytime soon lol. Was fun while it lasted, and I managed to meet you so, kind of a win. Say, you have any other social media you use? I may check in every few months or so, just for fun, and for old times' sake.