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I couldn't wait until Spooktober to post this in fun
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Sooooooo many dang songs in fun
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Super Mario Galaxy songs that fit this category: Loopdeloop Galaxy, Blue Sky Athletics, Ball Rolling (1 and 2), Game Over, Bouldergeist, Bouldergeist (fast), HELP! (yes that's literally the name of the song), Major Burrows, Purple Coins (dang Luigi's Purple Coins), Tension, Sad Story, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, Bunny Chasing (oh my gOD SNOWCAP GALAXY)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 songs that fit this category: Unidentified Planet (mostly because it plays before the mission where you blow up trash), Hightail Falls, Slider (that tree trunk slide galaxy with purple coins was god-awful), Ball Rolling, Megahammer, Beat Block (because of that double-time mission), Teleporter, Shiverburn, World 6, Melty Monster, Slimy Spring, Boss Blitz, Time Attack, Tension, Bowser's Galaxy Generator, The Luma and the Hat (nearly cried on that one ;-;), Chimp's Challenge, Bunny Chasing, Purple Coins, Cosmic Clones, Bouldergeist, Throwback Galaxy (didn't have trouble with the galaxy or anything like that, I just listened to it while I was upset and now I sometimes get a mix of happy and sad when I listen to it)

Regular songs that fit this category (mostly because I listened to them while I was sad): Mr. Blue Sky, I'm Still Standing, Don't Stop Me Now, Happy, I Need a Hero, We Didn't Start the Fire, Never Gonna Give You Up (it's a long story), Why Don't you do Right (that song was how I discovered I'm not great at hitting high notes)

Disney songs that fit this category (again, mostly because of listening to them while sad): Hakuna Matata, When You Wish Upon a Star, I've Got a Dream, Dig a Little Deeper, Almost There, Be Our Guest, Gaston, Belle, Something There

Miscellaneous: Best Day Ever (mostly the Broadway version), F.U.N song, Edgar Allen Poe vs. Stephen King, Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible, Your Reality, Sayo-nara, Lost Woods (I forget why actually)

And there's my list.
If y'all don't get this I swear- in fun
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I just want to get out of the house in frontpage
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Welp I meant rather not oop
I just want to get out of the house in frontpage
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Would really not rather catch it :)