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Mento Missile in fun
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the fun thing about this is that mentos and coke does not have a chemical reaction per se. dissolved gasses need something to attach to to come out of the liquid. Mentos, while smooth to our eyes and touch, acually has lots of cracks, scratches and fissures (hence why it is white, and not a mirror finish) and therefore lots of surface area for the gasses to come out and hence the fun blast of coke. IMPROVEMENTS! ditch the mentos after the first bottle nozzle, the gas bubbles are clearly forming and gas can dissolve out if there are bubbles to attach to.(hence why you shouldn't shake a bottle of soda) seal the intake and rather pump in the coke with some pressure. Make the whole thing inline and add a venturi nozzle to concentrate the blast. Also call you mom because you just covered the whole side-yard with sticky soda and you a bad boi. also cough up money for the exterminator. but to avoid calling your mom, use diet soda. no sugar, no bugs.
Finding Neverland in fun
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oh this one hit me right in the feels
I remember watching this as a 6yo and realizing that its been 8 years after release and no way disney is gonna make a sequel