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Haah-Waaw (45014)
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Just a peasant person who likes memes. I play Clash of Clans, Geometry Dash, Soul Knight, and Half-Life. NTMY :)
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My worst nightmare when using Electro Dragons in gaming
0 ups, 1mo
Air isn't an issue for me. Since they're mostly close to air defenses, it's easy to wipe them out
Average Fan vs Average Enjoyer in fun
1 up, 4mo
Who wants to even watch an abomination of talking toilets who pop their head out, except if you're having very bad mental issue?
GD communitu will never be growing up, change my mind in gaming
0 ups, 4mo
Sad for 3 years? is that even a thing? I ever cried about michigun when he was announced dead. But a week later, i didn't care and leave all of this sadness. It's just useless to grief someone's death that it's not my family for such a long time, like you.
But this community is not even letting him go, still milking his death. I don't even care about skill issue, but putting triple spikes and saying it for michigun is cringiest thing ever this community still does (after worshipping SpaceUK). It ruins level experience, games are for fun and not making you frustate.
Well, if you love him, why didn't you die together with him? XD
Yeah in fun
0 ups, 4mo
Nothing. Just some topics not show up
GD communitu will never be growing up, change my mind in gaming
0 ups, 4mo
Look, who's raged here. GD players are so easy to get triggered XD