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Change my mind- Batman & Robin vsThe Dark Knight Trilogy in fun
0 ups, 4mo
Believe it or not, since I made this meme I noticed the amount of bullying that many detractors of Batman and Robin actually receive in fan circles. It's fine to like the film, but to bully people for disliking it over its stupidity is dishonest. I received a lot of harassment from Schumacher stans when I shared a meme criticizing them for their condescending attitudes and bad faith arguments in favor of the film. This includes various stans ringing up jokes or accusations of homophobia against his detractors. Nice try though.
Rotten Tomatoes isn't bad guys. in fun
0 ups, 9mo
In all seriousness, Metacritic is a legitimate source for that it cited professional publications, no bloggers. IMDb is hit-and-miss depending on if ratings are sabatoged or not; usually, the majority of their ratings mature after theatrical release and streaming/home video.
Poor Conservatives trying to be openly racist.. in politics
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I'm not your parent, you can research kid. People have tried to defend Morgan Wallen and the racist caricatures from Dr. Suess's older books by pointing at Rap music. Trot along now.
Poor Conservatives trying to be openly racist.. in politics
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I think you should know that. Research a bit.
If you feel the need to use "Open your legs" to women, you're sexist- no questions. in politics
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You don't get to tell me what to identify as. I don't agree with liberals on everything, but I'm not afraid to call sexism by its f**king name. Was I supposed to shove in a 3 paragraph essay on this picture to justify what I was saying? You guys act like sexism is all over or something.