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I think i'll make a mini-meme!!!
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Get ready for Ah Hell Nah in fun
0 ups, 2mo
Number 10 on first page? (Of New Memes) lol
Just lock them up ... in politics
4 ups, 6mo
Red flag laws would allow them to call veterans “unfit” and take away their guns… Along with a lot of other people for vague reasons…
Just lock them up ... in politics
4 ups, 6mo
No but now its coming out they were all on the same types of Meds for “Trans”-forming… and it seems being brainwashed or manipulated encouraged into psychotic ideas…
Just lock them up ... in politics
2 ups, 6mo
Just execute them, publicly crime rate will drop like a stone
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And the TV show… had captions for everything, including the music…. Nana Nana, Nana, Nana Batman….. Pow , Bang Crash… whatever just like the comic strip it was taken from