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I am an author tied down to the old habits of fanfiction, trying desperately to get free.
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Peter Griffin Dead in Everyones_A_Mod
1 up, 1y
I'll DM you when it goes up.
Peter Griffin Dead in Everyones_A_Mod
1 up, 1y
Thank you, the book should be published sometime in April.
Peter Griffin Dead in Everyones_A_Mod
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Letter of Hope:

In the ruins and remains of a world that the humans once ruled, Kahi must search for her missing father and solve a series of strange arson murders.
Working with a prideful jackass named Lupan, they prove the innocence of a girl.
At the same time, Lily is playing a dangerous games with gods to find her own answers about a grave robbery that connects everything.
Three POVs all lead in the same direction. Whose right and whose wrong?
Part 1 in Everyones_A_Mod
1 up, 1y
Me neither? But I will always upvote you.