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Had to get this off my chest in fun
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It's getting used so much because either a couple of SMG4 likers used it and others started using it to, or because SMG4 is getting popular (not saying it is popular (yes I myself watch it (I would say my opinion on Axol but then I might as well have just said r/roast me)) I personally haven't checked sub counts and stuff).
Did you mean? in fun
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What is love?
Did you mean? in fun
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Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more...
Would you rather give up a precious time machine for a cute waifu? Or would you do the opposite? The choice is up to you. in fun
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Bruh I don't even need DeLorean in the deal if cat wifau suddenly popped out a screens my new hobby would be going to a car compactor and CRUSHING THEM, so I'll take destroying cat ladies over not destroying cat ladies with or without that DeLorean involved (but I will snag that sweet DeLorean if I can)