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Haters will Love. in politics
0 ups, 1mo
Yes - yet I see the sting operation that was needed
Bring back our Boss Man in politics
0 ups, 2mo
Oh yes it is. You think the elections were real and proper do you? Funny. - Wake up to systemic corruption and be free.
Have Faith not hope in fun
0 ups, 2mo
Enjoy nothingness.
Trump Saves in politics
0 ups, 2mo
What, are you 5?
Trump Saves in politics
0 ups, 2mo
Fascism is always the domain of the left and the left are so dumb they never work it out. Big government is what the left want - that is fascism brainiac. The right want small government, personal sovereignty. How about not being fooled by the simplistic tactics of the cabal who were always mind-controlling the weak who think 'the government will fix it'.