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fascism for your own good in politics
1 up, 4d
Or they are told to do all this as if they were Cabal - but really aren't - to give Us in the Lucky Country a small taste of what would have happened with the 16 year plan - if Killary got in - and Agenda 2030 came to fruition - the NWO one world Gov't culled us and outwardly enslaved us.
fascism for your own good in politics
0 ups, 4d
Please don't get confused by the Cabal's Democrats, Media, and teaching institutions and Human People's Hearts.
Government serves We The People in politics
1 up, 7d
You given them far too much credit - to even work out their own motivations - as they are childish - and their emotions are devoid of all lessons from history - as tainted as it is in books.
The Vax makes The New Nephilim in politics
0 ups, 2w
- President Trump has to wait for all the Children and Adult victims of the Cabal's Human Trafficking ( Pedovore) network are saved and all their bases (DUMBs) are destroyed - not long now!
Patriots to Follow in politics
0 ups, 1m
No reference to the help I gave no. No surprise there - your moniker itself tell me you are simply a troll. Enjoy the Show.