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Third World Skeptical Kid in fun
Third World Skeptical Kid in fun
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"You're" and "your" are 2 different words. Please learn the difference before making memes.
Y U No in fun
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And they ask us why PS4 was made there, but America got it months ahead of them. lol
People seem to forget that black people are victims of racism and white people don't... in fun
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Victims of racism peacefully staged protests that got laws changed and changed the world around them. Rioters steal because they want to steal and any old excuse is a good excuse for a thief to justify their selfish behavior. As more and more evidence came out it became obvious that the so-called "witnesses" in Ferguson lied their asses off.
But That's None Of My Business in fun
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It's stupid to get mad at people for correcting a stupid mistake YOU made. It says a lot about someone when they're so ADHD that they can't take 2 seconds to proof read a simple meme. lol