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Hey snowflake in politics
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it's the TRUTH
It's not my fault capitalism has dominated the planet. in politics
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By the way, you've NEVER really directly answered ANY of my questions... A response to my questions would be appreciated.
It's not my fault capitalism has dominated the planet. in politics
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So, in my business (USED CARS) I routinely buy cars, have them fixed and sell them. I take ALL the risk w/ each one I buy. For instance, I buy car "a" for $1,000 at auction, send it out to have a fender repaired and painted ($300), then send it to a garage for inspection. They tell me it needs front brakes, a ball joint, tie-rod, set of front tires ($400) and finally they inspect it ($75). So now I have $1,775 in the car. It has a book value of $3,500 so I advertise it ($75) for $3,295 and hope I sell it soon. After a month or 2 my price drops to $2,995 and I finally sell it for $2,700 w/ warranty ($200). I made $650 after all that (not counting my lot mortgage, electric bill, insurance and other incidentals)... THEN I must pay taxes on the $650 I made leaving me w/ a whopping (sarcastic) $400 profit! ... The body-shop got paid, the garage got paid, my car-lot help gets paid, the insurance company gets paid, the bank gets paid, the newspaper gets paid and the government gets paid! Should I then forfeit the measly $400 I made also? I have a house and kids, what about them? Should I trust that some utopian society will provide for them? Or should I sell more cars???
And, by the way... once in a while I get an absolute nightmare of a car w/ a bad transmission, engine, wiring problem etc. that just sucks all the profit out and then some. Will this utopian government you speak of come to my rescue? I'm still waiting for that! LOL!!!
Please realize, that with great risk comes great reward. In any pure communist society there is no risk or reward... Where would the motivation to do anything come from? Brain surgeon, garbage man, lawyer, businessman, waitress, scientist, house painter, they would ALL receive equal pay... where would the incentive be to spend 12 years of advanced education to get a medical degree or to want to learn a trade such as electrician?
In conclusion, please show me a society that has tried communism or socialism and has succeeded. It doesn't and never will exist.
Joe Biden Hates God! in politics
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Biden is a TOTAL HACK! You think he's making ANY decisions? He sold himself and the USA out just to be president. I feel sorry for you and ALL other Biden followers... Unfortunately you're taking the rest of the USA down with you.
It's not my fault capitalism has dominated the planet. in politics
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TriggeringConservatives, Did you ever study communist countries and systems? Did you ever see the results of actual communism in the USSR, Cuba or China? Communist party bosses and who THEY choose living in luxury while the "workers" suffer? Sore shelves empty, 3rd rate medicine, restricted speech and religion. People of the world are fleeing their 3rd rate nations trying to get TO this country. I don't want a back and forth w/ you. All I'm saying is, know ALL the facts and you'll be better off for it.