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Ok if life is unfair to everyone isn't life actually fair -.-
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Trust a Nun ! in Dark_humour
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although i do agree, if i didn't want to see these sort of memes i shouldn't have chosen the dark humor section. you're right on that account:)
Trust a Nun ! in Dark_humour
0 ups, 5d
but here's what I don't get- everyone stereotypes americans and italians and asians- these are based on nationality more than anything and there's no lack of them. But Islam seems to be the only -religion- that faces stereotyping- not just any kind tho- but false and baseless accusations to murder and violence.. i dunno it seems off to me
Trust a Nun ! in Dark_humour
0 ups, 5d
that's just it tho- i've seen so many dark humor memes that were definitely offensive to some or the other group of people- and ngl i have in the past thought they were passable in terms of humor, so when i see these and feel some sort of guilt i -personally- feel like a hypocrite. And listen I mean this is the nicest way possible, the fact that you felt like i was overreacting kind of proves that stereotyping might as well be one of the most offensive things you can do to a person in modern times.
Trust a Nun ! in Dark_humour
2 ups, 1w
I'm guessing this is in the sense that people stereotype muslims to all be bombers -in a way similar to people stereotyping all americans as school shooters..
I personally don't find it funny but it's in the dark humour section so i guess everything goes around here