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Probably the worst person you will ever meet on the internet
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I kinda feel bad for X users. in fun
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He’s obsessed with the letter X for many years. At one point, he tried rebranding PayPal to X, SpaceX, the Tesla Model X, he named his own kid, “X,” like he’s got a strange affinity over a literal letter for some reason.
take the bait in fun
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image tagged in untitled goose peace was never an option | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Literally everyone upon seeing this:
Elon Muskrat in fun
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Elongated Muskrat
Comment if you get it in fun
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As a Gen Z, call me insane, but I do kinda like Skibidi Toilet. People think this crap is braindead because of how children enjoy it. For me it's a throwback to those dumb SFM videos, so it's like introducing them to the new generation. Think of the times when stuff like Barney or Pokemon was braindead. Plus we've watched some pretty weird things as kids too. I think the only thing to worry about Skibidi Toilet now is how Elsagate picked it up.
Seriously guys, it's not that bad. in fun
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I’m on your side, dude.