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ALBERT IS NOT FAT!!!!!1!!1!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!1 STOP!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!111!!1!!!! NO!1!!!!111!!!11!!11!1!!!111!!11!!!!1
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The Oven Too in fun
0 ups, 2y
Before the pandemic when I walked to school, this exact conversation would play over and over until I checked the door for the 20th time or my mother came back home.
Why does this alwase happen to me? in fun
1 up, 2y
It's the exact same with mine. She watches this channel that terribly edits miraculous episodes, so either I get recommended Slmccl, or someone editing Dora the f**king explorer.
learn some math while looking at memes in fun
1 up, 2y
It's a good thing I'm not learning grammar too.
Oh no, he's at it again in fun
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If you live in california you could breathe on the internet and it would break.
Untitled Image in fun
0 ups, 2y
It's amazing. But compliments shouldn't come from me considering I can barely draw a scribble.