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Hi, welcome to my account. I'm just a guy who like cartoons, movies, and memes.
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The things that make me depress according by the amount. in depression_much
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
Thebigpig in Dark_humour
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No probs, I know this cuz I'm actually Japanese, lol. Also I love comment you made about the history of the swastika! it's awesome! 😊
Thebigpig in Dark_humour
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Actually, it's either or, but whatever float ya boat, lol. 😆
Thebigpig in Dark_humour
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the weird addition of the more you know. | AND THAT WAS THE WEIRD ADDITION OF... | image tagged in the more you know,facts,cursed,yes,knowledge is power,funny memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Here's a fun fact about the 卐/卍 (manji/swastika), it means wholeness or eternity in Japanese and there's a trend in Japan where young girls uses in texts message as the equivalent of LOL (even though there was already an equivalent in form of "wwwwww").
A menu that includes the Children's menu in Dark_humour
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Heh, and the babies be like...
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