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Wait ... what happened to the glass? in fun
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And just like clockwork, as soon as he logged in, he started using his alts to downvote this comment from top comment.

That's why we upvoted this comment so high so he would show his hand by downvoting it. Just another way to prove he's using alts don't you think?
Wiley Nancy, super genius. in politics
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After 20 hours, it only had 412 views and 3 up votes and he hadn't been on all day and all night. That means it had been featured all day with no activity. Trust me we were watching it.

At this point, anyone that knows how this site works, knows the chances of it making front page are slim to none. But after he logged in, the upvotes started rolling in. And less than 4 hours later it was on the front page with 32 upvotes. Miraculous to say the least

We outed him last week like this and he deleted the memes quick before anyone could see them. Then he started making anonymous memes in other streams and upvoting them so no one could tell he was doing it. All this just to stay on the leaderboard. He's been outed like this three times before.

I would explain how he does it in detail, but that would just show him how we track him
Wait ... what happened to the glass? in fun
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I'm the alt he can't control . Ha ha
Wiley Nancy, super genius. in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Once again this user used his alts to upvote his way onto the front page.

A group of us have been watching him for months and he's been using alts to upvote his memes and comments. When we called him out on it, he started making anonymous memes in the "boob" stream among others. That way he can upvote them himself without being seen, or so he thpught.

Imgflip unite and chase this cheater off our site like we've done a few times before.

We are gonna upvote this comment to the top before he can use his alts to downvote it to low rated status.