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In the first battle, in the first age... in cats
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That's why I made it, silly.
Han Solo vs. Shrek in fun
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This image is set in the Avengers: Memegame universe.
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They have 100 Iq in fun
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170 is what you'd use to complement anything.
title in fun
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Upvote beggar! ...right? Right? RIGHT?!?
Change My Mind in fun
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I will. Teachers don't make the homework. The school does. The teachers usually want to help kids, and grow up thinking "What better way to help kids than helping them learn in a fun, creative way?"
But then the school turns around and says "We don't do that here." Teachers generally like kids, though this is obviously not true in every case, and in addition, teachers often hate school just as much as the students. It pays little for lots of unpleasant work.