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#2,713 in cursedcomments
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Millions die from the flu every year too. But we don't shut down the entire globe each year.
#2,713 in cursedcomments
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Many people got COVID without ever knowing they had COVID. The symptoms are super mild for most people.
#2,713 in cursedcomments
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Considering kids have *effectively* little to no chance of getting OR spreading COVID, all of this is and was dumb.
Give Gen Z some credit, at least they know they're stupid! in politics
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Millennial? Most people won't admit it's their fault.
Get away from me! in fun
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I've lived in Michigan almost 40 years now. We aren't known for what one might call a huge bio diversity, I mean, I'm sure technically yeah, but we have "normal" bugs. Yet, somehow, every year, without fail, I run into something freaky I'm confident I've never seen before in my entire life. I can only imagine what I'd find if I moved to a climate where winter didn't kill everything every year.