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Supply chain management in politics
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China isn't the only place that capitalist nations sell their trash to. And Korea is a military dictatorship, not a DotP. also China is Dengist not actually communist. it's a state capitalist nation. learn actual economics.
Supply chain management in politics
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how many people die from preventable diseases in the USA every year? is that grommunism because it doesn't meet your distorted view of reality?
Time to Sneeze in fun
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ARE THE CIS OKAY? | image tagged in math lady/confused lady | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Supply chain management in politics
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Liberty is handed down by a power above you, I prefer freedom. and if you want to talk about stable economies, capitalism has not offered anything of the sort.

Claims of "rules of nature" in regards to human society are pseudoscientific. Human beings augment their environments with society and culture, nature as a concept is far too vague and nebulous to mean anything. Also a favourite term of eugenicists and race scientists which I'm sure you aren't.