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I Hear Triggered Contards in politics
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While that's true, it's not a valid response to my meme, but you know that.Just like you know that judgement and execution is not a cops job.But it's easier to blame a person than a system. So, you do you, brother.
Starker and More Dead Than Tony in politics
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THAT LIBERAL SAID MELANIA SUCKS MY SPHINCTER IS TOO LOOSE FOR THIS SHIT | image tagged in man triggered at school | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I have a great life which I spend triggering lame twats like you. It's so satisfying.
The Road Was Dry Too in fun
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yeah I know. Kinda makes his comments all the more sad.
Stop Electing Murderers in politics
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Doesn't take long for any of them to get a taste for killing people, does it?
I Dream of Pudding in politics
1 up, 3m
If politics were the dessert cart at a posh restaurant, Joe Biden would be the banana pudding, complete with a layer of rubbery skin.
And no 'Nilla Wafers.