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sleep was never an option in fun
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Finding Neverland in fun
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RIP the oof
Froggo in fun
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It's dangerous to go alone. Take this with you
IT'S TRUE in furry
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All of you antifurrys will believe anything that depicts furries as bad. Sure, some people suck, but that's how society is. In any community, fandom, etc. you'll have bad people. For example (FAKE SCENARIO): One cosplayer kills someone. Does that make the entire community of cosplayers WORLDWIDE a group of mass-murderers? No. It wouldn't.
IT'S TRUE in furry
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Also, The fur on the fursuit has no natural variation of length or color like a real dog would have. If you just opened your eyes and looked for two seconds, perhaps using your brain (shocking that you have one) You'd realize that.