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MAGA AM in politics
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Ha Ha Ha....
MAGA AM in politics
1 up, 1y
NEWSFLASH!!! I was not at the Golden Globes, nor did I watch them so I most certainly did not stand up and cheer. You don't know me, so do not lump me in with your idea of what a Republican or Conservative is. Either you find the meme humorous....or you don't. If you don't.....then move don't have to be offended.....just keep scrolling. :) Have a wonderful Day.
Meryl Streep - RESPECT hypocrisy in fun
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Apparently you don't grasp the concept, because this has nothing to do with Punching up/down. Maybe you don't understand the Hypocrisy concept???
What do you call Donald Trump? in fun
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How bout.....PRESIDENT TRUMP......LOL