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Untitled Image in politics
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Doesn't Kayleigh McEnany have a Harvard law degree, a job, a husband, and a child? Not sure how she fits in with your message.
Stop Voter Fraud in politics
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You missed the entire point of my post. The point being that Democrats can show up for any other scheduled event (regardless of the day it is scheduled) except magically when it comes to voting.

Also, I figured that people were smart enough to understand that I was referring to the vast majority of civilian Americans, not the military or the small minority of Americans who have legitimate reasons for being unable to vote in person, that it didn't need to be said. Apparently, I was mistaken.

I live in Cook County, Illinois, so you cannot convince me that Democrats do not engage in voter fraud. I see it every election. Votes are always "found" late at night or within the following week and magically, always go 100% for the Democrats.
Stop Voter Fraud in politics
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People are required to adhere to schedules all of the time.

So, in other words, you are saying that only Republicans are smart enough to be able to show up on a scheduled date and place to do something and that Democrats are too stupid and incompetent to figure out simple instructions like voting day?

By this logic, most Democrats miss watching the Superbowl every year because it's only played on one day of the year and how can they possibly be expected to figure out anything in only one day???🙄 Do Democrats miss out on Holidays and birthday celebrations and concerts and jobs or job interviews because it's too difficult for them to show up anywhere at a specific time and place? Or do Democrats magically only have this problem when it comes to voting?
This was an anonymous question posed to me: I'd like to talk about it. in ItsACatholicThing
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So you came into a Catholic stream to troll it and call it bs.

A stream like femboys4life on this site is the perfect example of the kind of confusion purposely being put into the minds of children/teenagers that I was talking about. It makes sense that a member of that stream would disagree with what I said.

Maybe you'll understand this one day. Have a nice evening.
This was an anonymous question posed to me: I'd like to talk about it. in ItsACatholicThing
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I'd say that's the devil is trying deceive and convince people of their gender/sexuality confusion to lead us away from God.

Satan hates human beings because God has a special love for us and has made us in His image. Satan works to destroy God's creation, leading human souls into death, torment and misery, eternal damnation/eternal separation from God.

Satan is a deceiver, trying to convince humans that he and Hell don't exist and to not believe in Christianity. For those who believe that Satan and Hell exist, he will try to confuse people about the teaching of Christ's word.

God's plan for humanity couldn't include trans or genderless because, if that were true, then He would've created 3 options, all with different anatomy - male, female, and genderless. If God wanted a male to be female or vice versa, then He would've created that person according to his plan, in the correct body, in the first place. Not to mention the confusion being pushed upon the younger generation that girls can have male's anatomy and vice versa, meaning trans without the full surgery. It is all a strategic assault being waged upon the minds and souls of younger people today to confuse them.