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SCP-69245761: Piper in SCP
0 ups, 1w
Usually more specifics on the containment procedures and how exactly it was contained.
SCP-69245761: Piper in SCP
0 ups, 1w
This is pretty excellent. With a little more flavor text it could be official.
Wait a sec- in SCP
0 ups, 2m
Euclid, as I assume you are aware, was also the name of the first dude to write down a significant textbook on geometry, hence the irony in that something which shares his name defies the very laws he set out in his famous work.
Guy Holding Cardboard Sign in SCP
0 ups, 2m
SCP-1504 is Joe Schmo, who seems to be a very unremarkable, and hence, unmemorable human who is invulnerable to most damage, and whose actions are also notoriously hard to remember.
Teue thougj in SCP
0 ups, 3m
Orange Boi will be the ultimate demise of the Scarlet King.