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Biden The Moron Bald Eagle in politics
0 ups, 2w
Well stated. Very astute and spot on correct. What were to expect from a coup of the white house. Its like we lost the war to China (or ? ) and haven’t been told yet.
If you cannot see the wind, how do you know it is there? By the rustling of the leaves. in politics
0 ups, 2w
Yet we have endless money to audit Trump for four years in the mueller witch hunt to find something - anything, 25 million to study genders in Pakistan, I could go on and on... If you dont know the facts dont give a weak money cost excuse for your reasoning like it comes out of your wallet... and no it reallt doesn’t.
It So Does in fun
0 ups, 2w
Cause they are forcing alot of good sellers off their platform cause they got divorced from paypal
Yoda You in Star-Wars
0 ups, 2w
I dont get it either. You must of changed your name.