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Trump Golfing - Dear Leader - Guts in politics
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As if I had to photoshop that fat f**k.
Cnn in politics
pp in politics
Milton Friedman in politics
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Gee, I can't seem to find any evidence that Milton Friedman ever said this. Second, I find this article about him as a colossal failure much more interesting than your pretty little poster:
Government Virus in politics
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So a quick perusal of your number makes me think you idiots need to learn how to use a f**king calculator. Really? Almost 10M abortions in Q1? 2.3M Deaths by hunger? And the numbers keep getting dumber, until at the veriy top you've got 21k deaths due to Coronavirus, knowing this damn thing hasn't run its course. Not even sure why I'm writing this. As if you Trumptards can even read. Lick a toilet seat or something.