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A painful conversation between my parents and I. in fun
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A painful conversation between my parents and I. in fun
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Vyond was founded as GoAnimate in 2007 by Alvin Hung, and the first version of GoAnimate went live in mid-2008.[1] In May 2009, DomoAnimate was launched. This program allowed users to create GoAnimations based on the Domo shorts. On September 15, 2014, the site closed down and was later redirected to the GoAnimate for Schools website.

In March 2011, GoAnimate - along with Stupeflix Video Maker and Xtranormal Movie Maker - became a founding partner of YouTube Create, a suite of apps available to content creators within YouTube, which was resulted in the increase of popularity.[2][3] This suite had more apps added later on and was ultimately retired in early 2013.[4][5][citation needed]

A U.S. office in San Francisco opened in June 2011.[citation needed] In late August 2011, GoAnimate for Schools was publicly launched. GoAnimate for Schools was a school-safe version of GoAnimate featuring dedicated privacy, security, content moderation and group management features. In October 2011, a custom set of “Election 2012” characters became popular.[6][7][8]

On March 1, 2012, GoAnimate launched the Business Friendly Theme, the first of the four Business Themes on the site. In April 2012, the first business-oriented subscription plans were publicly launched. These included 1080p download, logo removal & replacement, and new business-oriented visual themes. These plans led to increased popularity and exposure for GoAnimate.[9][10]

By July 2013, over ten million videos had been created using the GoAnimate platform.[11]

On September 16, 2013, GoAnimate changed its logo, removing the exclamation mark. That same day, the site relaunched with a new user interface, plus the removal of GoBucks and GoPoints.[12]

Logo for GoAnimate used from 2013 to 2018.
At the end of 2013, the “paper cutout” assets of explainer video pioneer Common Craft were integrated into GoAnimate as a new visual theme.[13] In April 2014, multi-seat business subscription plans were launched, including full-featured administrative tools along with group collaboration and review. Around the same time, GoAnimate also released their next Business theme, that being Whiteboard Animation, and a publishing integration with e-learning courseware authoring platform Lectora.[14]

By the end of 2014, GoAnimate's library contained over 10,000 assets, including a new set of Supreme Court justices and settings.[15] In 2015, the Taiwan office was opened.[16] making it GoAnimate's third location (after Hong Kong an