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Untitled Image in fun
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I think the problem is people mistreating marriage as a casino that can be walked into or walked out of
As if Wal-Mart couldn't get any more scummier: Please join me in boycotting them until they treat their employees like human beings in fun
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Not only is Walmart owned by the wealthiest family in America but they are owned by the wealthiest family in the world. Walton family are mustakbirun (Arabic term for "exploiters"). I say amen to this meme.
Dr Evil Laser in fun
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I don't even belong to the Republican Party but this meme describes how I feel about "Obamacare" (which I like to call "Obamadon'tcare")
Karate Kyle in fun
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I shared this meme with my sister & she loved it
Magic Toast in fun
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Hilariously awesome

Thanks for uploading it