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For the younger crowd, this was America's first 9/11. in fun
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Wow, you would really love it if I were a muslim right HAHAHA How's that wall coming that Mexico were supposed to pay for? Fail.
And 2000 or so dead americans is nothing, 5000 fat, dumb and retarded murikans die each year by getting shot by the Police. Suck it up losers.

And by the way, you are as funny as Cancer.
Hamilton - Another Elitist Collection of Dysfunctional Americans. in fun
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You know Mr Bob is pretty retarded, he won't respond to logic. Sorry.
Bad Pun AOC in politics
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You are about as funny as Cancer But that's Good job, you managed to pull yourself up from the feces.. sort of!
Doctor and patient in fun
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hey! You're about as funny as Cancer bro. With all due no respect.
Philosoraptor in fun
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Not at all...