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King Prez in politics
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Wow, you're literally going to stick with the 'tried his best' defense?

Can you imagine if Kellyanne Conway had gone on Face the Nation, and said Trump had tried his best, so please stop criticizing him? How hilarious would that have been? I'll tell you how hilarious... just about as hilarious as you continuing to use it here on imgflip.

So now Fauci gets credit for the vaccines? Sorry Tranzor, that's not how it works. The person at the top gets the credit or the blame. No two ways about that. Besides, what did Fauci have to do with operation Warp Speed?

Regarding your last comment... check the video dude...
King Prez in politics
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Well stated. I should have read your reply before writing mine... you set the bar pretty high!
King Prez in politics
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-42 Executive Orders in 30 days, and people blame him for not doing enough work
I wouldn't call signing your name 42 times a lot of work... for anyone but an elderly gentlemen with dementia.

-Faced backlash for doing something about Iraqi Militias killing a US soldier or faced backlash for NOT doing something about it.
wah wah wah. It sounds to me like somebody needs to put on their big boy Depends! No matter what a president does, they'll catch it from somebody. It's having the moral authority, AND the ability to explain what you did that makes the difference. Joe is (not so oddly) silent... that's the problem.

-100,000 Covid Deaths he tried his hardest to contain by pushing Vaccinations and testing further
Wow, if the bar for criticism had been set that low for Trump, I guess he would still be president, right? Hypocrisy in broad daylight is never a good look.

-The Border Crisis one is correct
This one is serious. The man has opened the flood gates.

-43 days into the office and no State of the Union address...when he's been reading, signing and forwarding EOs.
Seriously? On three points, I say to you, seriously?
1. Are you sure he's been reading them? While it would be nice to assume he's read them, with Biden we can't make that assumption. The poor old guy barely knows what to say, so how do we know he's read them?
2. See my point above about how much effort it takes to sign your name 42 times. For all but the most frail of the elderly, signing your name 42 times would not stop them from making the state of the union address.
3. I don't even know what "forwarding EOs" means. I know what forwarding means. I know what EOs are. I just don't know what "forwarding EOs" means, particularly in the context of being used to explain away not giving the damn address.
Wear protection in politics
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Well, there we have it... another inane comment from Octavia.

The whining never stops with you, does it Octavia?

Since you live in So Cal, and I live in No Cal (I wish it truly was NO Cal!) then we should both be able to intelligently comment about Newsom based on living under his regime, right? Well, I could. All you can do is whine.
Andrew Cuomo is The Real Joker in politics
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That's just for lying about the covid statistics. He should be tried, and if found guilty of murdering all those seniors who died because he put covid positive patients in their facilities, then he should be put in jail for the rest of his miserable life.