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Black Babies Matter in politics
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The total since 1971, thru 2017 is close to 14 million, which comes out to about 400K per year. It took me about 30 seconds on Google to find these numbers, so I'm sure you can do the same.

But for the most recent year, 2017, you're right; it was apparently not 360K black babies aborted, but around 300K. And of course, we only know the mother's race, so I'm sure some of those babies were mixed.

I hope that make it all better for you.
Black Babies Matter in politics
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Now, on to your asinine statement, Vagabond Douché.

So now, your assertion is that republicans only care about preventing the abortion of white fetuses?

Just when I thought you absolutely positively could not get any dumber, any more ignorant, any more asinine, you top yourself.

I won't bother with my usual efforts at getting you to prove the lies you post, because your next post will have nothing to do with this subject. On to whatever your ADHD brain thinks of next, hey Douché?
Black Babies Matter in politics
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"I bit ironic"? Good gawd Stanley, slow down and actually think about what you post for a change! Your gibberish is taking over!

I can't speak for the GOP, but for an affirmed baby killer like you to say that, is the height of asinine irony.

It's not republicans who are keeping minorities down StanCult. It's your democrat plantation that's doing that.
Black Babies Matter in politics
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Only you and Joe Biden are demented enough to believe white cops killed that many. Well, to be fair to Joe, he didn't say that, but he did say 150 million Americans have been killed by guns.

Maybe he was counting all the aborted babies in that number... ya know, by mistake?

The bottom line is, as usual StanPutz, you have no problem with the taking of innocent lives, to further your TDS-fueled, anti-Trump agenda. You are sick. Seek help.
Damn truth! in politics
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At least they're out now, so the American people have a clear choice to make. Of course, only the demented mind of a snowflake would actually choose communism or socialism over freedom and capitalism.

I guess that's what happens when you believe everything your are told by the DNC and their propaganda arm, the media, instead of checking out what communism and socialism have actually done to the world.

Hell, they don't even need a history book. All they need to do is see what China is doing in Hong Kong right now to suppress freedom and implement a police state, and the difference should be clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together..