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Wassup guys! I'm FNAFsuperstar, and I love supporting and doing memes!
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Distracted Boyfriend
Hey people like what they like. I have my fandom for fnaf, you you like fortnight, so what?
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I had no idea you made a pie chart about pac man- But I do what I do for fun, and I like FNAF- so don't judge. I never judged anyone elses. I have 7,000 points. I'm sorry ok?
Roll Safe Think About It
Happy b day btw dude
Wish you all could be here!!! Props to anyone that knows who all these users are!!!
Haapy B-day dude! Im female btw, but i love your memes! Pls reply! and also! I think you rock! Happy b-day and keep it up! BTW how old are you XD