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The Simpsons is an intensely liberal cartoon, retarded pig, not that you know the meaning of this or any words anyway. Youre whole "position" basically boils down to: I am far stupider than you, like you can't even imagine, however I don't notice it and make fun of you being able to notice it. It's how your retarded brain has arranged everything to you, thanks to non-stop circlejerks and the lowest ratholes the internet has brought forth (which include Isis, by the way).
Did I miss something democrats?
This is definitely the dumbest shit I've seen in a few weeks. "Doesnt matter Still the same moral dilemma." Did you forget again that you are retarded again? After all that's the purpose of doing shit like this in a place like this, to pretend you aren't. "It'sd the same, duuuuh" only to a sycophantic little borderliner without a brain. In your unhinged imagination it's enough confirmation to talk about it, that is how this works after all, even if it's completely wrong in a thousand different ways. To start with, that it would be irresponsible to leave their children, rather than take them, and that they are taking them to a better life, probably not in small part for them, rather than "just driving drunk". (The only accident in fact is having the bad luck of meeting twisted little shitbags like you b**ch.) But there you go it's already too much for you to to get it in all simplicity. LET ME REMIND YOU: You don't have a brain or an edcation, you are just a scyophantic narcissistic little cocksucker b**ch, and never forget.
Did I miss something democrats?
You are missing a brain, an education, and moral fiber.
It's not a number
You know people are actually idiots, if they thinkg this garbage means anything. It's a misuse of the "meme", while also patently illogical and meaningless.