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10 guy bad pun
Ok, sorry, I was working on my $500 F-150.....ok, so I was in the back of the house working on that brick wall that was pushed in by that magnolia, I laid out my air chisel and it's starting to leak at the quick connect, so I take the line off start walking toward the trellis that's between the driveway and the backyard. My dad built it out of 4x4 posts with 2x6 joists, one hellva built trellis just for flowers to climb and to hold a gate on to. So the trellis has on its sides 1x4's going vertically and horizontally, making nice cubes I can work on fixing this air hose, as I set the hose on the 1x4 a hornet attempts and almost stings me below the right eye, I moved quickly enough to where the stinger just broke the skin and fell out. So, this is where I got my name Evil from......I immediately become hyper pissed, I'm th only one out back, so I storm over to the 21/2 gallon gas snatched that motherf**ker pour all of into a bucket so I can get the best "Coverage ". Now......this trellis is a beautiful white color, it has my mothers ornamental vines and flowers crawling on it....I mean it's picture perfect looking...........so...........the trellis is now engulfed in an inferno 10 feet in diameter by atleast 30 feet tall....and let me tell you Rpc1.....I got those f**king hornets........I got them real good man........so........now the trellis is now what I'd call...........f**king charred like a motherf**ker...lol........my mom and dad walk out and they see me......I told them that a damn hornet stung me and I took care of them........now realize what they're looking at is a charred, smoldering trellis with not one of my mother's expensive ornamental vines and plants left intacted in any way shape or form, I turned every damn one of them into ash......now they're both absolutely calm just standing there looking at my impression of a naplam bomb run from Viet Nam...my mom says "Well you used to do the same thing when you were young, I'll go get some more plants....my dad chimes in and says "I wanted to change a few things on that trellis anyway, I'm going down to Lowes.....and they both went their separate ways to go fix my absolute insane overreaction to hornets...... But hey, I got those bastards, and I gottem good, you'd be proud of me Rpc1!! Lmfao! Ha ha ha! :)
10 guy bad pun
No wonder you climb f**king towers! To get the hell away from the insanity!! Lol. :). Damn Frog!
10 guy bad pun
You wanna hear another funny story that happened to me today? Lol
Batman & Quinoa
He didn't have a Pony driving did he? Or maybe he needs a Pony to drive for him? He could do what you do, get stuffing all over the place! Lmao! :)