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Octavia is fugly and her mother dresses her funny! Trixie is Best Pony!" -EvilmandoEvil
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Gotta love Grandma!
Damn! You should of swung by Atlanta, picked up Fluffy and you would've had this problem! Well at least while you're waiting you rode your Pony Baloney Bike around! Lmao!
Gotta love Grandma!
I was watching a fellow tree company take down a huge (at least 6' diameter @ chest height, now this house was just down the street from the the Governor's Mansion here in Atlanta. Uber rich houses and neighborhoods, client, uber rich absolutely stunningly beautiful house and manicured grounds, he wanted this tree gone and no equipment whatsoever on his lawn.....you couldn't get even a Bobcat in there because of the wrought iron fences all over the lawn....what to do?........so, got a 500 ton mobile crane and with one cut at the base, lifted the whole tree onto the adjacent street and cut it up/chipped hauled the logs off.....only took 4 hours...after vacuuming his lawn with several Hoover carpet sweepers (which worked surprisingly great) he cut a check for $15,500! Not bad for a day's work! Lol. :)
This Is Where I'd Put My Trophy If I Had One
I could only imagine the volume of notifications you get, I feel overwhelmed by anything more than 5! Lmao! I'll have to show you this meme I made of Octavia when we were commenting back and forth, it's absolutely hilarious! I'll send you a link later! :)
Seabreeze, y u do dis
That picture looks like it was taken possibly in the North East, that looks like a Hemlock tree in the background, I'm not sure if that same species grows out west. That pic of you I made is still making me laugh! Lmfao! I guess because it wouldn't surprise me if you did have a bike like that, plus you meme with Luna, the "Twas" part for whatever reason is hysterical to me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Lmfao! :)
Gotta love Grandma!
They where from Columbia! And I'm not talking about Juan Valdez and his burro! Lmao! :)