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Took this picture myself. It's a small side trail near the intersection of US6 and Nevada Route 360.
Bashing Bieber's skull open won't open doors? Well, if I did it would! Lmao! :). Octavia Applejack wanna be! Lol
y u no music
I just forgot the name of the band they're impersonating!! Some Death Metal something? Aaaaah, I hate when I can't remember something for 5 freaking minutes!! Lol
Octavia has been spotted with his Pony stash! Special thanks to Socrates for the inspiration!
Caught double fisted with Ponies, huh? Lmao! You mentioned you pack them along, but a garbage bag? Octavia!!!! Lol :)
y u no music
Why would Octavia go there for college? OMG! It's in.....California! Lmao! :)
y u no music
Check your Clock Pie Chart! :)