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Untitled Image in fun
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Exactly. And what really gets me is that everyone recognizes that these three are great voice actors when they are not recording anime. The three you specifically mentioned do both anime and American cartoons. For example, Ben Diskin was in Codename: Kids Next Door and Yuri Lowenthal was in the latter Ben 10 series as the teenage Ben Tennyson. But somehow they magically lose all voicing taken when playing Sai and Susuke in Naruto or Zyalapparo and Keigo in Bleach?
I have a question. For God in fun
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And now it is back on Hulu and Disney +! The Thousand Year Blood War! 🩸 🗡️ I am so glad that this post aged like milk 🥛
found it in fun
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Memes so dank that they return to normal.