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I'm A Proud Libertarian #TaxationIsTheft in politics
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To be clear, I'm not against taxation all across the board. The government needs to get their money from somewhere? But is EVERY. SINGLE. FORM. of taxation really necessarry? No. Every square inch of our lives is taxed to some degree. The worst kinds, and the kinds I think ought to be done away with are the property tax and the income tax. The former logically entails that no one really truly "owns" their home. You don't own something that you have to keep continually paying for lest it be taken away from you. You don't own your home. I don't own my home. No one owns their home. We pay rent to the government. The government is our landlord. If we do not pay them, they will evict us and make us homeless. Don't you think that people have a right to truly own property? I do and that's why I am against property tax. Plus the fact that I was almost rendered homeless because I couldn't pay the property taxes a few years ago makes this hit closer to home. I had to raise money on a GoFundMe page.

Death tax is pretty bad too, but I read somewhere that that had been done away with. I don't know, I could be wrong. That's what I heard. If it has been done away with, then that's great! It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning moral compass that no one should be taxed because someone died.

It seems obvious to me that the government would still be getting a lot of dough if we ONLY did away with just these 3 forms of taxation.
Be Like Fred in fun
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Sinful in fun
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