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Untitled Image in politics
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A land whale telling racist lies about a complete stranger who did absolutely nothing wrong, thereby ruining and endangering the young woman's life, all to get clout as a SJW.
uncle sam i want you to mask n95 covid coronavirus in politics
4 ups, 2w
COVID is not magic
Respiratory viruses all get transmitted in the same way.
And you need to go back and read then try to actually understand that meta analysis.
Their conclusion on community level masking was clear: it does not reduce transmission of respiratory viruses in any significant way.
Moreover, we know that masking does actual harm.
You pretending you somehow grasp that research in a way others do not is laughable.
You cut and pasted something you do not understand to fit your narrative.
How many lies do that have to be caught telling before you stop defending them?
How many people have to die as a result of their actions before you realize they are not guided by your best interests, but rather by their own?
uncle sam i want you to mask n95 covid coronavirus in politics
6 ups, 2w
Why are people not terrified that after a sketchy election not a single court would allow a public review of any evidence of fraud?
People think there were trials.
When in reality, we learned there are no consequences for stealing an election in American because no one will even look at the evidence of cheating.
uncle sam i want you to mask n95 covid coronavirus in politics
4 ups, 2w
You should really do your homework before you continue to repeat that lie.
It has been thoroughly debunked.
See the latest Cochrane Review meta-analysis for overwhelming EVIDENCE that they knew masking would have no beneficial effect, long before they told you to wear your muzzle like an obedient dog.
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 1mo
Yet you took it literally, more than once