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Who would or wouldn’t eat this? in fun
1 up, 3w
For maximum effect, fill with raspberry jam prior to consumption
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 1m
Or they didn't and the people rioting in France about fraud in their election are right.
And as much as you seem to despise her, she easily wins primaries, so a lot of French people must like her a fair amount.
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 1m
She was infinitely better than Macron.
Not that that is a particularly high bar to get over.
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 3m
It's still a nickname used to refer to Russian forces.
What are you the semantics police?
Side of history in politics
1 up, 3m
You should pay more attention when you're trolling.
Also, not seeing how you claiming you copied what you thought was a copy makes you look better.
You truly are lowest common denominator through and through.