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Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in fun
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Nuke, you're damn right I didn't respond to your argument and I told you why: You're not bringing that low-budget, typo having, unintelligible trash into my house and getting a response.
I refuse to engage in discourse with grammar and writing that poor.
I said good day.
Uncle Sam in fun
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It's a problem because he is an obnoxious, loud mouthed racist who I wouldn't want as a next door neighbor, let alone president of my country. He has support of poorly informed racist people.
I'm not saying your a racist, but your screen name speaks volumes.
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in fun
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Your comment will not be accepted. That wouldn't pass as a 3rd grade English essay. It is literally one sentence (which is apparently still going as you didn't put a period on the end of it) and is riddled with incorrect and misspelled words. You should be ashamed of yourself and try again when you can pass a 4th grade grammar course.
Good day.
I said good day.