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Eri-Eri99 (14504)
Joined 2021-09-09
Just a random person who's existing and trying to make memes for fun.
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Haven't we changed? in fun
0 ups, 6d
Nuh-uh. It was a telescope for me.
I found a hood thingy!!! in LGBTQ
0 ups, 6d
Looks cool on you.
They are the scawiest sounds on earth. in Minecraft
1 up, 1w
"Cave noises appear"

Me: *Naruto runs out of the cave*
We be waiting in HazbinHotel
0 ups, 2w
Omg, yes.
Drenk in HazbinHotel
0 ups, 2w
Ok, why do they kinda look like those almost-flat-looking hamsters to me?