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I'm just some super weird girl. No other description
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*Villager news* in Minecraft
0 ups, 1mo
Dadadalada dadadala
It's another one of those strange commands your brain gives you :1 in fun
0 ups, 2mo
I do this all the time and eat them by color in order of darkest to lightest
revenge of the 5th in starwarsmemes
1 up, 7mo
Same only it’s revenge of the 6th
Today is there’s always a bigger 5th
Untitled Image in starwarsmemes
0 ups, 7mo
I can’t repost with my favorite character because I would cover the whole screen with the picture of Ahsoka with R2 (can’t decide which one is fav)
Who else can relate to the pain in fun
3 ups, 8mo
My mom got her finger stuck in one of those Clorox wipe containers that are hard plastic and the same shape as the straw hole in the picture and she almost lost her finger