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That's some of my people...smdh in politics
1 up, <1h
Social Justice is about TV and better picture quality. As long as BET can come in the latest HD - the riots will continue.
Jim Crow On Steroids in politics
0 ups, <1h
They aren't. Without Republicans, gay marriage rights wouldn't have become a thing. With out Republicans, segregation wouldn't have ended. Women wouldn't have the right to vote if it wasn't for Republicans.

None of these rights that people have would have happened, if it wasn't for Republican voters too.

If all of these topics hit the voting cycles & every republican tried to keep them from happening, they wouldn't have happened.

But - there are republicans who aren't Bigots, there ARE democrats that are Christians too. Every thing isn't black and white like your post suggests.
The hypocrisy is upon us in politics
1 up, 14h
No - characterization based in your comments summary actually.
Buddy Christ in politics
5 ups, 22h
No, I'm saying 3 people represent quite a few... Which seem to also be the highest saturation posters/commenters. The fact that you aren't one of these people - doesn't mean they don't exist. It means you're not desperate or crazy like those three are.

Case in point - you and I have come to many agreeable points in debate, so you have a brain. Since you're not 10 people on here, you also have better things to do than some other liberals do.