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We need Unova Remakes! I'm on Quotev! (TeamEon) :DD And Scratch.MIT! (Eeveon37)
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Thats how anime was made in Main_Anti-Anime
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It is
Look it up, everyone knows. Pokemon is Anime, Nintendo makes Anime Games
Examples: Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Corpse Party, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Kid Icarus
Wait a minute in Anime
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Ye lets go get'im now
Untitled Image in you-had-one-job
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Oh, its fine. My dad got me away from it 3 years ago and its all good now. Thanks for your concern though. Also about the kids thing, its also their parents about, like, 40% of the time, they hear them cuss and that's how they know how to use the word properly, you follow what I'm saying'?
Buff Pikachu in Pokemon_stream
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And I accept furries
Untitled Image in unsee-juice
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WHY?? | image tagged in memes,jackie chan wtf | made w/ Imgflip meme maker