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Waiting for the BDSP arc of Pokemon Adventures...
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Their Reality Behind The Illusion in Pokemon_stream
0 ups, 11mo
Is that CourtneyxRuby? I hate that one. Ruby is a child and she's a grown woman...
You can't say this is not true in Pokemon_stream
0 ups, 1y
Bruh. It marked thus as NSFW. Why????
Thats how anime was made in Main_Anti-Anime
0 ups, 1y
That's stupid. Anime has morals and lessons in it so how is that bad? Naruto is bad because it has a message in it saying to never give up and work hard to achieve your dreams and goals? I think not.
Fallout Hold Up in fun
0 ups, 1y
Now granted. It's rating is 8-12. But adults don't pay attention. If it says 8-12+ then they gonna say, "this is good for my 5 y/o child."
FYI I'm 13 and 10 months
seriously though in Anime
0 ups, 1y
Why though OMOCAT? Why? And is it even on switch yet?