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Who wants to be a millionaire? in fun
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Actually all four of those are from different songs
Flight of dragons Solarius in politics
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Let me guess, you are so intelligent that you'll send me to "Do my research on youtube"?

Flight of dragons Solarius in politics
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Oh, look, a graduate of Youtube University...
Look, I know that you watched some videos on Youtube and that they had some graphics, and probably someone that sounded very convincing said all that you just said. Hate to break it down but not everything put on youtube is actually real or true.

The last Measles outbreak was in fueled by anti-vaxxing and it was characterized for being prevalent in communities where measles vaccination ratios were very low (in Oregon, among the Orthodox Jews in New York City, and in Israel where Anti-Vaxxing has become a fad since around 2005). All victims of the Measles were not vaccinated for it and it ended up with several thousand cases and several dozen dead worldwide.

Salk's vaccine for the polio had turned it from an epidemic that killed or maimed thousands of children every year into a minor issue that's now only prevalent in 3rd world countries (although, with Anti-Vaxxing, it's been making a comeback some places)

Pertusis (commonly known as Whooping Cough) had basically been eliminated from North America prior to the declination in vaccination in the 1990s. In 2010 and 2014 there were two severe outbreaks in California (origin of the modern Anti-Vaxxing trend) that ended up with roughly 20,000 cases between the two. Ten infants died in the 2010 epidemic (according to California Department of Public Health) and two more in the 2014 epidemic.

Evidence is fairly clear - vaccines save lives. Treating them like they're a danger (or worse, some kind of conspiracy) not only flies contrary to evidence but it also utterly dumb