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And everybody loses their minds in fun
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CometHunter it is very well known that gov is the abreviation for government stop bein a baby this isnt english class and as you very well know there is limited space to put words and letters on a meme and how limited spaces work then you have no business criticizin memes, "american government" is a very highly used phrase in schools and everywhere else i suggest you go back to yours and pay attention this time, also if i choose to not capitalize somethin then im free to f**kin do so, if you failed to learn what abreviations are and what the abreviation for government is then instead of giving unasked and very unneeded spellin and english lessons to memers on the internet you should have paid more attention in english class yourself. And iansite it IS a requirement they dont even ask if you want to swear on somethin they whip it out and demand you swear on it, it shouldnt be an option at all like i and the constitution says separation of state and church a bible has no place in the courtroom or the swearing in of officials and judges cause even if the witnesses, gov officials, and president are christian the country as a whole isnt christian and every gov official is supposed to represent everyone of us but they arent properly doin it if theyre havin to swear on a bible and distancin themselves from the ones that arent christian. Theyre representin the country and gov not the bible so they should be swearin on the constitution or flag or somethin else not the bible.
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Thank you so much!