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Exorcist? in fun
1 up, 3y
YES! the clean walls are a veary man with a yes. i love the man with a dairy cow cleaner. he is a trusty and dusty man to be a clean!
I hate it when I get gift cards to restaurants in fun
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wow, i love the resteraunt giftings! i like to food the cheese of the dairy there. the man in a hat is the man of the legends! we will get the cards and eat the earth of dairy milk. yes. yes i see the cow making the dairy cream of ice. see?
Untitled Image in fun
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Yes! i indeed yes to the adventures if ne and the tall cow! i wish to see the funny awnser of the silly picture! i would yes to be the yes of the llama of my favorite dairy cheese.
Stuff I think, when I have control of the remote... in fun
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Yes, i love the cream of dairy. the tall cow is a cream man with the hat. YES? yes. we will see the kite of the cow with my fish! yes yes yes! we will be a cow man!
Leave me alone ethnic bullies! OR You poor, poor dear... in fun
0 ups, 3y
no! i want to yes but i see the cow of a tall man in the tall cow. i wish to hat a jesus man of the time of a frying pan. i wish to yes of the sea if yes. if you see the cow of the tall hat of the jesus man. please tell the man in my house of the yoda hat. ufo men will be mine.