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Dying-Inside-Greg (26233)
Joined 2020-07-25
Previous username: marshmallow_chomper
I’m a Girl, even though my name is Greg. I like memes and roasting your mom. I’m a teenager and I like pie.
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Untitled Image in fun
0 ups, 2d
Always gonna take you down, always gonna give you up.
TURTLE in fun
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I don’t see it at all ;-;
Credits to Spooky_Name for making this template in LGBTQ
1 up, 3d
Butttttt whyyyyyy (complaining so you can add more B) )
FNF community in fun
0 ups, 5d
Yup, I was intrigued in the game for 2 weeks, some 9 year old on imgflip started yelling about how the game had inappropriate things in it. I just said that young kids should not play it, but they said that they were 9 and not young at all. That’s when I quit liking it. The End.