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If you're here for sciece memes, check my older ones. For common (or AI) bs, they're right below!
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But why isn't it possible?? in fun
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Yes I know, this is just a meme.
Altho another approach is to imagine what the area of a square with the sides (a+b) would be: if 'a' is smaller than 'b', then there will be a small square with sides 'a' so it's a², a larger square with sides 'b' which will be b² and i'll be touching the a² at one vertex, then two rectangles with sides 'a' and 'b' connecting the a² and b² at two-two sides, filling out a bigger, (a+b)² square.
I hope this makes sense, it is much easier to see it than trying to describe it.
? in fun
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Untitled Image in Nobodyisbanned
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I'd say it's a common mistake but it really isn't...
Untitled Image in Nobodyisbanned
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R u stupid or what
2x=(360/4) ==> 360/4=90
2x=90 ==> dividing both sides by 2
x=90/2 ==> 90/2=45
for honor is severely underrated in gaming
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*weakest non-genshin simp