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Trump Jeffrey Epstein in politics
2 ups, 4m
Unfortunately, Trump is unlikely to be held accountable for his crimes. Epstein is dead, probably murdered. What Maxwell has to say remains to be seen. Regardless, the statute of limitations has long run out from Trump's Pedo days in the 1990s.
Red Dawn School Invasion in fun
0 ups, 4m
Because they are bad, evil people. Too bad there aren't good guys with guns to stop them.
Trump walks down a ramp in politics
0 ups, 6m
or the Adderall.
Trump walks down a ramp in politics
1 up, 6m
That's what escorts do....just not the type of escorts Trump is used having.
Martin Luther King - Content of Character in politics
0 ups, 7m
Agreed. Morality is an essential part of one's character.