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I make quality memes (kind of).
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SSBU has finally been completed. in gaming
0 ups, 2y
Of course Nintendo was a part of this project as well (sorry, I forgot to add that.)
I just wanted to pay my respects to Axol, so I made this. in fun
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I hope it's not too late to post this.
A Pokemon Clover meme. in gaming
0 ups, 2y
Mainly because of the four bunnies in the image having an orgy.
I dont understand the logic of Smash "fans". in gaming
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I have never played a Xenoblade Chronicles game but Pyra and Mythra look cool.
(FYI they have jiggle physics)
Care to chat about possible Smash Bros characters? in gaming
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I do like the idea of Registeel, Scorpion and Aang in Smash. Registeel would make for a cool heavyweight (considering we have no steel-type pokemon in Smash yet). Scorpion would be an interesting case, because he's from a very violent game (like Doomguy) but would undoubtebly make for a cool fighter with his fire attacks. Aang sadly can't make it in, due to the fact that he originates from a cartoon, but he would be a really cool fighter to have. All his specials could each be associated with the elements from Avatar (his up-special could be associated with air).